SWTOR-style Jedi Knight robe mockup

Here it is. The mock-up fabric was a two-dollar Goodwill special. I loved the color, but it turned out to be a nasty, scratchy poly/acrylic blend when I burn-tested it. The upside was that I could fearlessly experiment with the stuff in a way that I can’t with real wool coating.

I confirmed from scrutinizing the Return trailer that it’s basically a slimmer, more athletic cut of the same robe you see on most Jedi in the prequel trilogy. No shoulder seams of any kind; Everything but the hood is cut in a single piece, shaped like a couple of head-to-head snow angels. It’s incredibly wasteful of fabric, but equally incredibly easy to sew. I mocked it up at knee-length because that was the extent of the fabric I had. The finished product would be right at ankle-length.

As you can see, it looks pretty credibly like the in-game character models for the Knight’s robes, right down to the thing of making you look like you should change your name to Master Junk-in-the-Trunk.

There will be no center-top-seam on the hood in the finished product. That was  to make the best use of the fabric I had on hand. I’m considering making a couple of other changes to account for the realities of having a human female body. A big inverted pleat at the back waist (I’ve got it pinned that way in the fourth picture) would help the robe lie more smoothly back there, especially because most Knight armor has you wearing your belt over top of your robes. I’m giving serious thought to inserting a big triangular gore in the center back starting at waist level because (a)I have a personal mania for crazy full hemlines and (b)they make you look extra impressive when you’re jumping and twirling around with sabers in your hands.

The trick is going to be finding the right fabric at a price that doesn’t kill me. I’m trying to decide on color. I have to keep reminding myself that I’m not Cymae and her white-and-grays aren’t going to be very flattering on me. I figure I’m looking for a mid-to-dark copper/rust color or Corellian green.

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