Another fan comic blast from the past, this time of KOTOR from 2007!

This was meant to be a longer piece, but I lost interest after the Revan-canonized-as-male business. So alas, the Revan & Dustil-centric comic ends as is ;3;

I always imagine Raphael Sbarge’s voice reading the Carth lines, and all is good ^3^

A lovely, alas unfinished, comic taking place in the days after the end of KotOR, with Carth, f!Revan, and Carth’s son, Dustil. Aimo/momochanners is one of my favorite KotOR fan artists, and she does reams of good stuff for other BioWare fandoms, so be sure to check out her tumblr and/or her DeviantArt page

And yeah, I can’t think of many things that aren’t improved by being read in Raphael Sbarge’s voice.

You know, it’s funny, but if there had to be a canon!Revan, I’m totally copacetic with him being male. That way, I can imagine Meirah, the Revan that I played, going on about her post-Jedi-Civil-War business and being eventually allowed some peace and some time to be with people she loved (I imagined her taking a retirement job as a part-time instructor at the reconstituted Telos Jedi Academy) instead of suffering canon!Revan’s unenviable fate.

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    Male Light sided Revan was canoned. I hated life
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