Me: So my first DAI playthrough is probably going to be with a mage!Lavellan, and I’m scribbling a bit regarding potential chargen options, but I’m gonna try not to build the character out too far without actually having the game in front of me.

Bioware: Got an eye on any LI options?

Me: Open to having my mind changed, but nope.



Bioware: *eye*

Me: What

Bioware: Your sad-eyed beardy soldier problem? We know about that.

Me: *sweating*

Shopping with mom and sister-in-law for the impending person to whom I will be an aunt. Tumblr, please tell me not succumb to my temptation and buy embroidered/quilted coverlets to repurpose into cosplay, even if they’re in Grey Warden colors.

Headcanons of Liadan teaching her non-mage companion some groundwork toward eventual lucidity in the Fade. Safe words or Inception-style totems are probably a thing.

I seem to remember some info about Wardens being able to use Taint Radar (*giggles because sorry guys I’m actually twelve*) to locate each other. I wonder whether that also happens in Fadespace, and how that interacts with the presence of darkspawn.

Went for coffee while visiting my folks and found andrastesgrace behind the bar. Yaaay!


I like how “everyone here = snarky nerd you’re gonna haveta help me out,” but correctly tagged.

well, you’re the snarkiest nerd sidekick. 

That’s going on my wall. I might print it and frame it.

Okay, but now due to that post on Ferelden fashion inspirations, I’m imagining Liadan showing up to court at Redcliff or Denerim and having this face plastered on that’s equal parts bewilderment and suppressed hilarity. When another party member asks about it, they eventually suss out that she’s spent all of her life stuffed into a tower where everyone wears floor-length skirts regardless of gender or occupation and suddenly WTF are codpieces even

what time period would you say ferelden noble clothes are based off of? i always have such trouble deciding and finding references for when i draw my cousland :C


I have no idea ^^; I headcanon them as fashions from 16th century England, but that’s because I’m obsessed with The Tudors, heh.

Anyone have a proper answer for anon?

Short answer: they aren’t. It’s a total fantasy mishmosh.

Eamon and Teagan have elements in their clothing that make me think of late-Tudor-to-Elizabethan English fashion (the peascod doublets, hose, and paned sleeves). Anora’s gear makes me think a little of medieval Persian or Turkish fashion. The shapes of the pieces, though, were dictated a lot less by an eye for historical fashion of any period than “How can we keep the graphics engine from violently crapping itself?”

Oh man now this makes me want to dig back into my Tudor Irish/Scottish clothing research.

♐ ♦ - Moya

Fight: You know that thing where fistfights are often animated as “cloud of dust from which fists, feet, and loud noise intermittently emerge?” A hyper-violent version of that. Juyo is brutal, chaotic, and unpretty to begin with. While posing as a Sith, Moya was all too happy to flatter peoples’ assumption that she was merely a highly-competent subsentient murder machine- it kept them from looking too closely at her real work.

Kiss: Related! It’s dependent on the tone of the situation, of course, but Jorgan’s “You kiss like most people punch,” is apt. Forceful and totally artless-unintentional horn goring or teeth clacking is a thing. She can play that off as related to maintaining her threatening persona, but the truth is that she’s really, pathetically overeager when it comes to non-hostile physical contact.

wtf I changed my sideblog name about six hours ago, how is a porn blog already camping on Jedibrarian.tumblr.com?