Some ridiculously OOC screenshots from last night. Noted Cyclone Squad trooper Ishev hosts a Coruscant party and hangs out with Senator Loren Fidelis Luz and Jedi Ellekai. Somehow people wind up naked in a hot tub, lounging naked on an Alderaanian throne, and bound up while Ishev lords over them.

(Is this real, or someone’s subconscious fever-fantasies?)

I think it's great that you are so passionate about your characters. I always enjoy seeing them on my dash.

Thank you! That’s very kind of you!

I’m really enjoying the confluence of a game that encourages people to think deeply about their characters’ actions, motivations, and relationships, and a community that gets people excited about sharing that process with each other.

I haven’t played EQ2 seriously in a while, but one of the things I miss about it is how huge and hugely-customizable the infrastructure around player housing is.

One cool feature in particular: the levels of access a housing owner could give to other characters included “can pick up/drop/rearrange, but not walk off with decorations.” That made it easier for people on separate accounts who co-owned a home to decorate together. And if you wanted a really nice space for RP/to hang out with your guildies, but didn’t feel like you had the time, talent, or inclination to do that yourself, you could commission another player to do the decorating legwork for you. Guess how I did nice things for friends/made a lot of my running-around money?


Ellekai’s bedroom is pretty much complete. The next room I’m going to be focusing on is the other one off the balcony. When Ellekai’s by herself, it’s a good place for intensive study/meditation. When she’s got Force-adept guests or (especially) when she’s working intensively with someone who’s trying to straighten their brain out, it doubles as guest quarters, since it’s one of the most secure locations in an already impressively-secure stronghold. I’m trying to decide what holocron colors to emphasize in here. Opinions?

I always wanna see more Massani head space, but I’m not sure if I count, seeing as the Luzers are sort of constantly in a catpile on top of Ellekai and/or Nauri.

Gonna say. Regarding any of them, from any Massani? The response is going to be variations on “*face-mashing and small non-verbal happy noises*”


catpella replied to your post: On one hand, I feel like doing the “se…

rude/mean-spirited still counts as inappropriate so I vote do it. also because hearing the thoughts even if they’re not enacted is still funny?

I guess if I liberally disclaimer it with stuff like “Ellekai’s love of sentient life is a matter of relentless practice, not natural inclination. The inside of her head is really not a nice place to be if you’re not one of about five people. And the importance of remembering the OOC/IC disjunct is in full force here,” it might not be too bad.

(I’m pretty sure some of the lore prompts I get are people who think it’s hilarious when I launch into Yahtzee-style rants, so there’s that.)

Have you checked out any of the other strongholds?

I’ve run around in examples of all the others. I love some of the Jugendstil-ish architectural details on the Narsh Stronghold, and it comes partly pre-unlocked for subscribers, so I’m going to have to put some brainpower toward figuring out why any of my characters would willingly stay there.


That looks really nice.

Thanks! I’m trying to be smart about how I use shapes and put colors together to get the mood/impression of utility that I’m looking for. The Tatooine stronghold has a lot of room, interior and exterior, but barring bad weather, I think the balcony is the main “living room.” Heck, Ellekai probably sleeps out here most of the time.

Getting closer to done (thanks, endless Red Reaper spam!). What else does it need?

Getting closer to done (thanks, endless Red Reaper spam!). What else does it need?